Coraline WIP 01

Next up is Coraline Thadington, a new Reaper mini that has not yet been released. It was sculpted by a dear friend of mine, Andy Pieper, who sent me the figure as a thank you for giving him feedback during the sculpting process. (And for those of you reading, Andy could use your prayers now for a special intention.)

I wanted the base to fit the Victorian era of the mini, so I thought a formal garden path would work. The block, brick, and border still need to be painted, but you get the idea.

I polished the mini using my Dremel with a brass-bristle brush. This saved me a lot of work with sandpaper, and didn’t damage the fine details at all. I still had to do some hand filing of a couple mold lines and sanding of a rough patch on her face, but overall it was a very clean casting. The arm was difficult to pin, but not the worst I’ve ever had to do.

I’ll use my Dremel again later to drill holes in the bottom for pinning her onto the base.