5 responses to “Coraline WIP 05”

  1. Momma

    Really pretty.

  2. Andy Pieper

    Wow, she really came to life with the eyes. Sorry about the bump. I wonder if I did that or it is an artifact of the casting process. Which eye is it?

    I love the beautiful sunrise colors you a getting int he fan. the freehand is looking great too. After seeing your stunning work here, I’m starting to look forward to painting her myself. I’ll probably give her a go as a ReaperCon entry. Sometime this winter. Sooo much to do. ;)


  3. Andy Pieper

    I’ll check out the eye on my copies tonight. By-the-way, I just found your WIP on Reaper. So many people are doing WIPs there now it is easy to miss some.

    Here’s what I am currently working on (plus preparing for some new sculpting commissions): http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51909-bryans-reaperconthing-wip/