6 responses to “New Paint Brushes!”

  1. Thief of Hearts WIP5 – Skin layering steps 1-3

    [...] I decided to begin with the skin, using my new Da Vinci Maestro “Miniaturist” brush, size 2, that I just ordered from DickBlick.com (see my earlier blog entry about that). [...]

  2. Andy P

    They seem so chubby. How does the control compare to WN brushes?

  3. Kelvin

    hi Joy … Nice works you have…

    I been using GW brushes for a while, been wanting to try Winsor & Newton brushes. Still trying to decide the difference between the series 7 and series 7 miniature, any views? Whats the size equivalent for W&N to GW detail and fine detail brushes?


  4. milianna@gmail.com

    The W&Ns are a little easier to work with right away. The tip is very fine, so I can still maintain pretty good control, although it takes some getting used to.