8 responses to “St. Michael the Archangel WIP 1”

  1. Andy P

    Looking good. I’m a little surprised you didn’t do a weapon swap on St. Michael though. Isn’t he usually depicted with a swaord, sometimes flaming? A good choice would be the sword from Almaran the Gold, which if I remember the sculpt right,you’d probably be able to swap it at the wrist.

    It would give you a chance to do some very visually interesting OSL as well.

    Just a thought.


  2. Andy P

    Swaord? Wow. Can you tell I’m a writer?

  3. Andy P

    I was thinking not of St Michael, but of the guardian of the Garden of Eden, sorry.

  4. Momma

    Nice job so far. I did notice the devil wasn’t upside down, but John probably likes him up-paint some blood on his face :O) Go ahead and do the buy for the sword swap-I can send along a gift certificate :O) to make John happy. We DO grab our swords when we pray the prayer here, and John loves to help thrust Satan and all his evil spirits right into hell!

  5. Momma