Two Superheroes

These two miniatures I painted for friends of mine to represent their Mutants and Masterminds RPG superhero characters. I kept them secret until today, when I gave the minis to them at our work Christmas party. Now that they’ve seen them, I can put them up on my website.

The first is Reaper’s Lady Tiger, Villain, painted as Talon, the dog-eared superheroine, faster than a speeding bullet, with super hearing, and super strength.

See Talon in my Gallery

The next one is Reaper’s Shadow Talon, painted as Titanium, the battle-suited hero (a.k.a. Ironman-Wannabe). I painted him using the Sky-Earth Non-Metallic Metal technique. It consists of painting the sky, horizon line, and earth, on every surface, as if it was so shiny that it reflects its surroundings. (You can observe this on the chrome parts of a classic car on a sunny day.)

See Titanium in my Gallery