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Reptus Warlord WIP 2: Planning the Palette

Planning the palette for this figure was more challenging than I thought it would be. My client requested green scales with an orange frill on his head, and NMM armor like I painted for my Dark Sword Draconid. Since there wasn’t much else on the mini than that, I thought the palette would proceed easily. […]

Reaper releases mini of my very first D&D character!

Reaper announced new releases today, including one called “Lady Moray, Bard”, sculpted by Patrick Keith.  She bears an uncanny resemblance to my very first D&D Character, Valanthe Mocnjay, a bard with a pet mockingbird.  I will definitely have to buy and paint this figure sometime!

Early Christmas Gift for Me!

This Marsh Troll was painted by Sean Fulton, a.k.a. Jabberwocky. If you recall, I interviewed Sean on my blog about this time last year. Sean sent the troll to me in the mail as a random act of kindness! I already sent him my personal thanks, but wanted to share with all of you how […]

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