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NCMSS Show (a brief report)

I will post in more detail about the 2012 NCMSS show later, including photos. For now, I just wanted to offer a big congratulations to all the winners, especially to local painting pals Angie Fischer (WAMP’s piratemama), Tim Kilgore (WAMP’s Stahler), Mike (WAMP’s Shades), and Jim. All won medals, and their work was truly beautiful […]

Shay Aaron’s 1:12 Scale Polymer Clay Food

I found an interesting Flickr gallery of Polymer Clay foods at 1:12 scale. As tiny as these foods are, they are still at a larger scale than your typical Miniature Figure. (Even the relatively large 54mm miniature is at 1:32 scale). I still thought they were pretty awesome, and that other miniature hobbyists might think […]

Dragon Mini Box

My Dad gave me this dragon box for Christmas, for transporting my WIPs and finished display pieces. He bought the box unfinished, stained and varnished it, and added all the hardware and shelving. The shelves have metal sheeting on them for holding magnetized bases, and they can pull completely out. I have another box from […]

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