Life in General

“sin tried to batter life out of the innocent son of God…just as it has done to the bodies of innocence ever since.”

May God welcome home the victims of the Connecticut tragedy and bring healing and peace to their families and community. And for the perpetrator of such evil, may God have mercy on his soul. (The quote above is from the 1947 novel The Dry Wood by Caryll Houselander)

Website update: improved gallery filtering

I’ve updated the MamaGeek Minis gallery to use more dynamic filtering of images. It took me a few hours to figure out how to do it, but it’s up and running now. Check it out! (Thanks, Dave, for “beta testing” it for me! I love you!)

Early Christmas Gift for Me!

This Marsh Troll was painted by Sean Fulton, a.k.a. Jabberwocky. If you recall, I interviewed Sean on my blog about this time last year. Sean sent the troll to me in the mail as a random act of kindness! I already sent him my personal thanks, but wanted to share with all of you how […]

Bit of a break…

My job recently sent me to a usability class in Washington, D.C. Just like the last time I went to one of these, I came back with all sorts of ideas for improving my website, and I’ve spent my evenings on that, instead of painting. I finished up the last of my planned updates tonight, […]

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